DOMINIO PÚBLICO arquitectos, with headquarters in Lima and Madrid and with more than 18 years of experience, is a collaborative group of people in ongoing analytical processes and sharing interest in three main fields of their activity: professional, educational, and research.

DOMINIO PÚBLICO arquitectos, questions the established set of rules –limits set by society, government and building codes- giving their clients a critical, efficient and solid response to real problems.

What it is imposed, it must be re-thought, in such a coherent process, to generate new better alternatives.

DOMINIO PÚBLICO arquitectos, focus its practice on the research of public space quality, developing unique projects that promote and defend not only the public space but that which private spaces can be provide as well. …we make our way towards architecture of PUBLIC DOMAIN

Jorge Montalván (CVCV)

In 1997 he graduates from the Peruvian Universidad Ricardo Palma, with an Academic Merit Scholarship | In 1998 establishes his own practice   (MA´) Montalván Arquitectos. | That same year he was invited to participate, by the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI), at the exhibition Contemporaneidad del arte Chancay. | In 2002, after designing and building numerous projects in Peru, he moved to New York City, where he collaborated with Iu+Bibliowicz architects and with Nandinee Phookan architects, being in charge of several big scale projects (Hotels/Dance Centers/Offices/Housing) for New York and Thailand. | On 2005 he went back to Lima, where he obtained his Architect Degree; occupying the second place in merit. | In 2006, he moved to Madrid, where in 2007 obtained his Master of Architecture in City & Housing by the Escuela técnica superior de Madrid (ETSAM), for which he won one of the seven scholarships given by the Empresa Municipal del Suelo y la Vivienda (EMVS). | From 2007 to 2008 he collaborated with Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados, |  and in 2009 with the international recognized architectural firm  Estudio Herreros. | In 2010 he establishes DOMINIO PÚBLICO arquitectos. | Since 2016 he combines his own architecture practice with Rubio Arquitectura, studio that has recently won the Hall of Realms Refurbishing Competition for the Museo del Prado de Madrid, in association with Foster + Partners. | He has been Professor of Design Studio at the Peruvian Universidad Ricardo Palma on 1997, 1998 and 2013 with Juvenal Baracco, and on 2005 and 2006 with Rene Poggione. | His work has been shown in several media of Peru, Spain and USA.

Gonzalo Cruz (CVCV)

In 1997 he graduates from the Peruvian Universidad Ricardo Palma | In 2000 he obtains his architect degree with honors | In 2002, he finishes his Postgrate Metrópolis: Postgraduate program in architecture and Urban Culture in the CCCB and a structure specialization at the ETSAB of Barcelona. | That same year, he participates at Kasuyo Sejima workshop. | In 2003, he goes back to Lima-Peru, where he stablishes Procesos Urbanos. arquitectura, office with which he is a finalist in several competitions. | In 2004 he is selected for the Emergent Panorama for the Ibero American Architecture Biennale. | He has designed projects of varying scale, from housing and comercial, to urban ones. | In 2010 he joins DOMINIO PÚBLICO arquitectos. | He has been a studio professor with Juvenal Baracco at Universidad Ricardo Palma, visiting professor at the California College of Arts, workshop professor at the Peruvian Universidad Pública de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), and currently teaches at the Peruvian Pontificia Universidad Católica. | His work has been shown in several media of Peru, Spain Canada and France.