Andenes House   Casuarinas, Lima - Peru
On a 1930 m2 land, placed at the very top of a Lima city mount.
With an extreme slope and privileged views over the Peruvian capital.
We are commissioned to design a 650 m2 house, with as much as useful garden as possible.
Conventionally, projects of the area build huge retaining walls, in order to reach the higher altitude of the plot, and to obtain the maximum area of garden, on top of where to build their houses.
However, this designing process not only increases significantly structural efforts, therefore final cost of the house, but also, obstructs the views of the site and destroys the natural form of the mountain, consequently: its “genius loci”.
Andenes House is a statement per se, which questions –from coherence- these conventions of contradictory processes, and proposes by contrast, like in the Inka andens, to step the whole surface of the land, reducing significantly structural efforts, saving views from the city, and preserving the natural mountain shape.
The volume of the house completes the steps and completely hides beneath the steps, the land and house turn then, into part of the mountain. Prioritizing territory over construction.
The house disappears allowing the views to continue being of public domain, in a way that from below, one will still see only the rock, and when arriving from the top, one will see nothing but hanging gardens. The 100% of the land turns to be gardens.
On a spatial level, we propose a horizontal and diagonal relation. Also, every space of the house expands to the terraces, which extend it views towards the city.
The square meters surface required by the owner added to the building code restrictions, gives us as minimum a four story house, therefore we restricted main functions spaces of the house: living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, to two stories.