Pit House   Las Rozas, Madrid - Spain
On a triangular plot, a retired couple commissions us to design their house project.As conditions they asked us to locate everyday life areas (Master bedroom + bathroom + kitchen + dining room + living room) on the street level, living the second floor level for guest area. The project must consider also a parking roof-covered area for a 7 meter-long Motor Home and two cars parked one next to the other. Finally we are requested to consider a workshop area (carpentry and metalwork) at the basement.
Our proposal releases the basement in order to create a continuous green area –a private garden- from the plot land as a whole; amidst the workshop area (a glass box with 360 degrees views) will be located. Mandatory 3.00 meter setbacks are turned into greenery slopes that not only protect the house privacy from exterior views but also channels interior sights towards the private garden and the sky; isolating the house from exterior noise.