Double Stair House   Club Nautico Poseidon, Lima - Peru
On a 405 m2 land, placed 56 km south from Lima, with a 40 degree slope and with partial views towards the sea, we are commissioned to design a 255 sqm2 roof covered area house.
Conventionally, neighbors’ projects excavate the land to the point of making it plane, with the purpose of later on raising building-like houses (sometimes 6 flour height). These projects also make use of the street access level, annulling possible views towards the sea. These designing processes, not only increases significantly structural efforts, and therefore final cost of the house, but also, destroys the natural form of the mountain, and consequently: its genius loci.
DOUBLE STAIR HOUSE is a statement per se, which questions –from coherence- these conventions of contradictory processes, proposing by contrast, in an efficient a simple way, to make the least possible excavation, to step the whole land, somehow echoing the natural mountain shape, reducing –significantly- structural efforts, saving city views towards the sea, and preserving the mountain.
DOUBLE STAIR HOUSE leaves the street level free, maintaining for the city the views towards the sea, highlighting the fact that they should be of public domain. It prioritizes territory over construction. And it is organized in a way that all the house areas have direct views towards the sea.
A DOUBLE STAIR organizes the house, allowing travel through it, in a continuous and uninterrupted way.
Being Lima a city where roof areas have always being downgraded, for storage or services areas, DOUBLE STAIR HOUSE by contrast, makes the most of the potential that a roof in front of the beach has, proposing a continuous “folding-terrace” which links exteriorly all the levels of the house.
It is our hope that people living or visiting our DOUBLE STAIR HOUSE come away with the impression of the house as “activity” rather than architecture.