Chessboard Housing   Surco, Lima - Peru
We are commissioned to design 10 houses on a land located in a residential area.
The client counted with a former proposal, done by another architecture firm, with which he was not in high spirits.
We analyzed the former proposal and founded many design problems, the most relevant were: 1.Common areas where not safe at all. Actually it was an internal street for cars to access into their garages. 2. Housing organization scheme, disposed mirrored and attached to the lot limits, did not considered solar radiation or crossed ventilation. 3. Houses did not considered private gardens, other than tiny patios.
Our project proposed a chessboard-like disposition.
We introduced as much green areas as possible. This allowed that every house could be properly oriented to solar movement and winds.
We relocated the parking area in a basement. Achieving not only, every house to have its own private garden, but also, we attain comfortable common areas for gardens and a swimming pool. 10 houses and 11 gardens were accomplished.
Common areas safe from cars and isolated from houses: regarding their privacy.
The greenery project idea was reinforced by using grass-blocks on every exterior wall, in order to allow grass and flowers grow.
Now, each of the ten houses has cross ventilation,
And exclusive views, to their own private garden.