Jardín Escondido: Loft & Shops   Miraflores, Lima - Peru
On a residential and commercial area, we are asked to design a building with a very specific program: three basements for parking, four commercial stores on street level and first floor, a restaurant on third floor, and twelve loft-like apartments between fourth and seventh floors.
We proposed, instead of a compact building, an open project. Organized in an “m” shaped footprint.
This “m” shaped footprint generated two patios around which the project takes palce.
These two patios, actually are the free area imposed by building code, but used as architecture elements that crosscut through the whole building.This condition generates a diagonal special relation between parking areas, stores, restaurant, the enclosed garden, the lofts and the sky.
A first patio, which is the building´s core: the Enclosed Garden, located on the third floor and of exclusive use for the residents. A bubble-like place for the residents, where to gather, play, read, or simply lay down on the lawn to contemplate the sky peacefully and fall asleep.
A second “liquid patio”: the reflecting pool, located on third floor level, around which the restaurant is developed. This patio, generates, not only, more façade surface at the residential area building, in order to create more interior quiet views for the residents, but also, allows the light pour through the reflecting pool water, into the store spaces located down below.
We proposed a “loft” on its much extended meaning: an empty box, that guarantees as much as open space as possible..
In order to achieve the maximum space sensation of the loft, we proposed a “storage-wall” that contains: closets, kitchenettes, stack laundry washing-dryer machine, bookshelves, and also loft balconies. Also, the “m” shaped footprint allows us to liberate every loft façade; avoiding any common wall with neighbors we achieve a house-like independency and privacy.
On an urban level, we propose a building that consolidates the block corner by follow the property line.